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xRenju for PALM 9.1.0

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Palm OS


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January 30 2014


xRenju for PALM 9.1.0


Renju is simple and addictive ancient asia's game, roots of renju go back as far as many thousands of years. Game is played between two opponents on a board by making moves with black and white men called stones. One of the players has at his disposal the black stones and the other player has white stones. Both the players must alternately make one move each time. Black (the player with the black stones) begins the game by making a move in the middle of the board. A move consists of the putting of a stone on one of the intersections of the board. Black can not make an overline, a double-four or a double-three.
The winner of the game is the player who will be first to attain five in a row.
xRenju allows play renju with Black Choice and opportunity to White change sides after third move.

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