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HydroCalc PalmOS 1.3

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January 18 2014


HydroCalc PalmOS 1.3


Easy to use calculator for designers of lawn sprinkler systems. Includes both Palm OS and Windows desktop versions. HydroCalc calculates:

Maximum system flow

Water velocity through various pipe sizes

Dynamic pressure based on static pressure, meter size, pipe sizes and materials and length, number and type of fittings, valves and backflow preventer

Determines zone or system precipitation rate based on 1 to 3 different methods

Determines evaporation and transpiration rate based on average temperature and humidity

Considers soil type, percent of slope, and whether ground is bare or planted

From all these factors, it calculates a suggested watering schedule (number of waterings per week and number of mintues per watering)

Enter information from your local water bill, plus system flow rate and run time, and the program will calculate cost to run the system per week, month and year

Windows version generates reports from your project that can be edited/printed with any word processor.

Palm version can print the data you generate if you have an IR-capable printer or serial cable and PalmPrint or SCSPrint software (trial version included).

Context-sensitive online help
As you design sprinkler systems, HydroCalc lets you eliminate many hours of work consulting books and tables then doing the calculations yourself. Fully functional demo Palm version, available here for free, allows you to try it 10 days and includes a few "please register me" nags. Comes with an interactive on-screen tutorial that demonstrates and instructs about every aspect of the program.

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