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CloudMe for Mobile 1.7.1

OS Support:

Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 6, Pocket PC, Android, Handheld/Mobile Other


Publisher Old version


October 1 2013


CloudMe for Mobile 1.7.1


    CloudMe is a free and open service to store and make all your files available in the cloud through an easy to use Blue Folder™.

Having all your files in the cloud makes them accessible through your mobile phone and allows you to quickly share them with friends. You also have a convenient backup in case something should happen.

The way CloudMe has been designed, it excels at handling media files like photos and music. Why don't you try sharing some photos or stream music to your phone?

With CloudMe, everyone gets 3 GB of storage for free in our European data center, but you can at any time upgrade if you need more.homepage


Enhance CloudMe with Apps

With your iPhone or Android phone, you can start using the CloudMe app today.

You can install CloudMe on your computer.

Network Drive
Do you want to access CloudMe files with your favorite app? Many apps are already CloudMe Ready and most productivity apps support adding a Network Drive (WebDAV) like CloudMe.

We love to store your media files

Allow us to store all your media files like photos, music and documents. With CloudMe this is automatically done in the background of your computer.

Keep your files organized as you always have on your computer, CloudMe allows you to setup which folders to automatically sync. You can also manually store files in CloudMe.

With everything available in CloudMe you can feel safe if something happens to your computer. Install CloudMe on a new computer and all your files will be available once again.

Be responsible, download CloudMe today and never have to worry again.

We love to store your media files

CloudMe is a great comfort when you are on the go and have forgotten a document on your home or work computer – It will be accessible from any smartphone or computer.

With mobile apps for both iPhone and Android you will always have direct access to your files. CloudMe even allows you to stream your music to your phone, dramatically expanding its built in storage capacity.

Forgot to bring photos from your last trip to a party? No worries, CloudMe has already made sure they are accessible through your phone.

In addition, CloudMe provides web access, allowing you to use any browser to access your files. CloudMe also integrates as a network drive on all operating system through WebDAV.

Share your digital life with friends and family

Share your photos, music and documents on the go directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

With CloudMe WebShare you can share links to files or folders via Email, Instant Messaging or SMS (text messaging). CloudMe even supports direct sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you receive a WebShare, you can add the WebShare as a favorite to your account and always have access to what has been shared to you.

Photos are displayed as a photo album and shared music will stream through a CloudMe WebShare. Using favorites you can access a WebShare as if it was part of your very own file system.

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