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OnGuard Backup 1.14

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Palm OS


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December 23 2009


OnGuard Backup 1.14


OnGuard Backup: The next generation of backup on the Palm OS.

Requirements: Palm OS 5.0 or higher

EditByBrothersoft: The next generation of backup on the Palm OS.
Your Palm's Best Friend: Real-time backup solution for your Handheld or Smartphone.
No longer do you have to worry about scheduling or backup sets, you Now have real-time backup for your important data!

Real-time backup solution - you'll never forget to perform crucial backups.
Backup applications automatically as soon as you finish using them.
OnGuard Backup only backs-up changed databases: ...Fast backups.
Synchronize: Set the Synchronize option for selected applications to make sure that files deleted from the main memory are deleted from the card as well.
Rotate Backups: Create up to 6 different backup copies/images for each application (OnGuard Backup will use a different directory to backup the files to every time you exit the application).
Menu Command Bar: OGB integrates into the menu command bar so you can quickly backup the active application at any time.
Select from different backup settings to make sure that only your most important data is backed-up.
Backup Personal Information Management applications to the card and you'll never lose new records.
Backup games' settings and high score and don't lose that all-time record again!
Integrates with Uninstall MANAGER to let you backup hidden files and preferences.
Some applications save registration keys and other information in hidden records so backing them up is always a good idea.
Use Uninstall Manager's Group Files command to add various files to different backup sets.
See FAQ for more.
Keep using your current backup software for full-blown time-consuming backups, but use OnGuard Backup for the really important, time-critical information.
OnGuard Restore (included): 10KB, quick Restore Application.
Full Screen Display: Portrait and Landscape modes (HiRes 320x480) on compatible devices.

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