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MODULA Audio Engine for PalmOS

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Palm OS


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January 7 2008


MODULA Audio Engine for PalmOS


fast and easy to use, audio engine for PalmOS

MODULA is, fast and easy to use, audio engine for PalmOS, Windows Mobile PocketPC and Smartphone and SymbianOS Series 60 (S60) devices.

MODULA can play multi channel music, sound effects and samples, mix huge number of sound channels, in both mono and stereo, on various output frequencies, with Minimal processor overload.
MOD player
[ProTracker song format with 31 samples, 4 channels, 128 patterns, vibrato, tremolo, portamento and other sound effects]
RAW samples playing. Sample looping supported.
Mixing up to 64 channels.
Fast audio mixer and MOD song parser.
Minimal CPU usage.
Optimized for portable devices.
Audio mixing output supports any output Frequency.
[Typical frequencies: 44KHz, 22KHz, 16KHz, 11KHz, 8KHz.]
Quality sound output.
Simple API to use for developers

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