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Beiks Find for Palm OS 1.9

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Palm OS


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September 25 2008


Beiks Find for Palm OS 1.9


Significantly enhances the global Find function of your Palm

Requirements: Palm OS 5.0 or higher

BEIKS FIND is an enhancement of the global search application you use to find emails, contacts and other information in your Palm.

It works around a significant limitation of the built-in search and adds the extra feature of remembering and offering you the latest performed searches.

How is your current search limited?
If you happen to remember the final or a Middle portion of a phone that you know you stored in your device, and you use the standard "Find" program you will not get what you are looking for, even if the number is really there.

For example, if you look for "456" in "18004562343" you will not find it.

That is, unless Beiks' Find replacement is installed.

Beiks Find is not a typical application program. You do not run and use it the same way you use, for example, the Address Book or the Beiks Dictionaries. Even though it has an icon in the Launcher, you do not start it from there, except once to configure it. It does its job behind the scenes and it pops up instead of the global Search form.

It is a simple extension saving you plenty of time and sometimes possibly saving the day by letting you find things that you otherwise wouldn't.

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