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US Town By ZIP reference 6.0

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Palm OS


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December 2 2008


US Town By ZIP reference 6.0


US address reference: find towns within a known ZIP code area

Requirements: For Palm OS 5 and higher


In USA, one may often have problems telling the postal code of his own Town. Anyone using regular Snail Mail surely already knows the pain of having to look up postal codes. If you need to look up ZIP codes often and on the go, then this reference dictionary is just for you.

With this reference dictionary, you can find towns within a known ZIP code area. If you need to find ZIP code by town or area name, you need the reverse reference dictionary available here.


    About 42, 620 ZIP codes and over 18, 000 US Towns and area names

    Simple and convenient program interface

    offline dictionary database - always in coverage and no data transfer charges

    High dictionary compression ratio

    Easy installation


Downloadable evaluation version is not available for this product.

Users are encouraged to download any free Beiks dictionary for BlackBerry to evaluate the application look, feel and behavior on the device.

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