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TextMaker 2002 for Sharp Zaurus 2002

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Windows CE


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July 28 2008


TextMaker 2002 for Sharp Zaurus 2002


TextMaker: The Only Desktop-Class Word Processor for Your Handheld PC

In an ideal world, you could create a Microsoft Word document on your desktop computer, put it on your Sharp Zaurus, edit and format it on the road, and then send it back to the office as a .DOC file, with content and all formatting still intact.

This is what Zaurus users expect from their mobile computers.

Unfortunately, this is not How It Works right Now. Hancom MobileWord, the word processor shipping with all Zaurus PDA, is severely limited: No headers or footers. No tables. No Outliner. No on-the-fly spell-checking. Severely limited Text Formatting. Image support? Barely existent.

What about document conversion then? As soon as you MOVE a .DOC file to your Zaurus, all features that Hancom Mobile Word cannot process are stripped and thrown away. Basically, just the text in bold, italic, and underline survives, but not much else.

Now there is an alternative: TextMaker for Zaurus – the first and only complete word processor for Zaurus. Multi-language spell-checker? Graphics? Footnotes? No problem. Tables? Sophisticated character and paragraph formatting? At your fingertips. Lossless conversion of Microsoft Word .DOC files? Right on your Zaurus.

TextMaker for Zaurus is the most comprehensive word processor ever developed for the Sharp Zaurus.

Imagine that: Desktop-class word processing on your Zaurus!

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