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Fitness Tools 4.5

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July 7 2008


Fitness Tools 4.5


Fitness Tools is an integrated collection of fitness calculators.

Brothersoft Editor: Fitness Tools is an integrated collection of Fitness Calculators. Check your body fat percentage, see how many calories you burn in an activity, test your flexibility and aerobic fitness, see how much weight you should be able to lift and what your optimal heart rate should be during exercise. One tool, all the calculations!

Supports both English and Metric measurement units.

Integrated help and information for each tool.

Full color support for devices with color capabilities.

Includes 8 fitness tool calculators, including:

Body Composition
Use the YMCA formula to calculate your body fat percentage, learn what your lean body mass is and see how you compare to everyone else. All you need is a scale and a tape measure.

Calories Burned by Activity
Find out how many calories you burned doing that Tae Bo tape, running, or on any of the other 50 included activities. If you are getting ready to exercise, compare how many calories you could burn across all the activities...then pick the best one for you.

Flexibility (Sit & Reach)
Find out how flexible you are and compare your results with the population average for your age.

One-Rep Max Estimator
Find out how much weight you should be able to lift in any exercise for one repetition (this is the basis for determining strength levels). Also find out how much weight you should be using in your warm-ups and your working sets.

Push Up & Sit Up Tests
Find out how many push ups and sit ups you can do in comparison to the population average for your age. A quick and simple test to determine if your general level of fitness is improving.

Target Heart Rate Zone
Find out how many heart beats per minute you should be exercising at in order to maximize your fat-burning efforts. Two formulas are available: the generic formula and the more personalized Karvonen formula.

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