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Pocket Soundmasker 6.1

OS Support:

Windows CE


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December 15 2009


Pocket Soundmasker 6.1


create a more relaxed and distraction free environment.

Requirements: For pocket PC

BrothersoftEditor: Pocket Soundmasker allows you to choose from various sounds to mask noise from external sources such as neighbours, traffic, and industry, helping to create a more relaxed and distraction free environment.


Students - Sound ( or noise ) masking helps Improve concentration and can make study sessions much more productive by preventing interrupions which would normally break concentration. White and natural noise is well known to be Far more effective in improving concentration and blocking distractions than listening to music.

Travellers - If you travel by public transport, Pocket Soundmasker can help create a more pleasant environment, resulting in a less stressful journey - no more having to listen to other people's cell phone or Mp3 players, allowing you to sit back and relax or read a book without interruption.

White noise consists of random noise with equal power levels across the entire audio Spectrum. Because white noise contains all frequencies, it can effectively mask sounds without drawing undue attention to itself by raising the overall sound level in the room. The effect is exactly the same as using a fan to mask the sounds of a party next door. The quieting effect this strategy provides is due to the way our brain focuses on sound sources.

The brain notices isolated sharp or dramatic sound level changes better than when there are competing sound sources around, particularly when these sources are relatively unchanging. For example, noises in a room are much less noticeable when there is a steady Drone of a fan than when the room is otherwise quiet. The noise from the fan tends to mask out voices and ringing telephones. Although the fan itself makes noise, it is steady and constant, and so after a short time it becomes almost unnoticeable.

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