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Parashara's Light 1.0

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Palm OS


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October 13 2010


Parashara's Light 1.0


It is an astrologer's dream come true!

Edit By BS Editor: Palm version of Parashara's Light offers the most popular Vedic Astrology calculations based on accurate algorithms and provides a complete and automatic Atlas support. It runs on any Palm compatible device with at least 8M of memory. It is an astrologer's dream come true!

PL Palm has a very user friendly and easy to use interface.
Different types of charts include Birth, Moon, Sun, Hora, Navamsa and various other Shodashvarga charts.
Different calculation tables include Planetary degrees, planetary dignity and lordships.
Other calculations include Vimsopaka Bala, Planetary aspects, Shadbala and Planetary Avasthas.
Bhinnashtakavarga and Sarvashtakavargas charts.
Vimshottari dashas for entire lifetime upto 5 levels.
GemStone Prescription based on your birth chart.
Extremely user friendly data entry process.
Provision for switching between 8 different ayanamshas that include Lahiri, KP, Raman etc..
Support for North Indian, South Indian and circular chart styles.
Support for viewing external planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) in the chart.
Support for saving charts permanently.
Support for saving your settings permanently.
Automatic lookup for longitude, latitude, Timezone and DST.
You can select from a compilation of over 300 different atlas files and keep upto two different atlas files at the same time on your device.
The wide range of atlas files cover various large and small geographical areas.
Integration with Desktop software. Parashara's Light - Palm Edition comes with a desktop application, PL Exchange, that is absolutely free. PL Exchange helps you MOVE charts between your Palm and desktop versions of Parashara's Light. Using PL Exchange you can download charts from your handheld to your desktop or move charts created on the desktop to your handheld.
Detailed step by step Installation Guide and User Manual for your easy reference.

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