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Music Bundle Gold 2.5

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Palm OS


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May 27 2008


Music Bundle Gold 2.5


5 music educational programs bundled

Requirements: PalmOS 3.5 or higher

EditByBSEditor: For anybody studying music or already accomplished this bundle includes all our music apps at a great price - Almond, ChordLab, DaCapo, EarMan, and Mozart. This is the best toolset available for musicians to date. Make sure to download a demo. These programs are used in many schools and a great tool for music education.

Almond is a musical terms database and reader. In addition to most common phrases in music today also standard Italian and German terminology is included. Definitions are easily copied to the clipboard for use in MemoPad and other applications. Almond's database can be included in the global Find application for easy access.

ChordLab is the essential tool for song-writers and musicians in general- assists with all chord spelling tasks. Features a built-in Circle of Fifths and chord finder for when you know the pitches, but not the chord. Many times chord spelling becomes an essential task, be it to communicate what you are playing to others or simply when writing it down. To complicate matters music theory is often complex and correctly spelling a chord that may have sharps AND flats, double flats or double sharps is not always easy. That is where ChordLab can be of great assistance as a sort of chord calculator.

DaCapo keeps the beat for you. In addition to regular metronome functions, like Italian speed names + bpm display, adjustable tuning pitch and visual indicator there are many other features. Accents can be set at different intervals to emulate meters like 3/4 or 7/8. Also measure groupings can be created like a 12 measure blues form. In addition DaCapo features easy access with Big Buttons, hardkey mapping and great graphic layout. A must-have for practicing on the road.

EarMan - One of the most important skills for musicians of any kind is the ability to correctly identify intervals by Ear. Ear training is therefore a substantial building block of any kind of music education. Typically practicing this skill happens during class

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