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Kid Zone for Palm OS 1.7

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Palm OS


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April 20 2008


Kid Zone for Palm OS 1.7


Secure Palm application launcher. Let your kids have fun without taking risks.

BS Editor: Kid Zone is a specialized secure Application Launcher for Palm OS® powered handhelds. It allows only pre-selected programs to be browsed and run on the device. This is primarily used for letting kids enjoy their favorite games on the parent's device while preventing them to access any other application and mistakenly changing or deleting important information.

Like many other Beiks applications, Kid Zone was developed because someone within the company realized they needed it: once during a Flight, Natalie gave her Sony CLIE to the 3-year old George hoping this would buy her some Quiet Time. It did, but it also took her some time afterwards to fix her Address Book and MemoPad. Kids are kids and Kid Zone is here to help dealing with it.

With Kid Zone parents can Now specify the applications that can be listed and run on the device. Kids see something similar to the standard Application Launcher, however only with the applications they are allowed to see. The standard hardware Palm buttons are not active so the kid can't access any of the other programs and create mess.

Once an application from the allowed list is run, it can again take full control of the device and use the hardware buttons as desired. When leaving, though, the only application it can return to is again the Kid Zone.

Parents can assign specific password, which lets them out of the Kid Zone

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