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Yinghan English-Chinese Dictionary 2.9

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Palm OS


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June 17 2008


Yinghan English-Chinese Dictionary 2.9


Yinghan is the renowned Lexicomp English-Chinese electronic dictionary for Palm.

EditByBrothersoft: Yinghan is the renowned Lexicomp English-Chinese electronic dictionary for Palm OS

Feature Highlights
Based on the popular Lexicomp English-Chinese dictionary. Over 1 million hardware units have been sold.
Over 55,000 headword entries and over 150,000 words and variants recognized.
Voice synthesis capability. Unique and useful feature for learning pronunciation of English and Chinese words.
Optional Chinese-English Dictionary included.
Dual auto-complete and manual browse modes provide usage convenience and power.
Capable of mark-and-cross reference on any English or Chinese word displayed on the screen.
Recognize the base form of words and phrases from their common inflections.
Generate both regular and irregular inflections of nouns, verbs and modifiers.
Wildcard search in manual mode. Help one to Look up a word when one does not know the precise spelling of the word.
Remember the last 50 unique words looked up.
DA Launcher version that makes one-tap-lookup possible on any displayed English or Chinese word in ANY Palm OS® application.
Utility to look up the phonetic spelling in Pinyin or Zhuyin of any Chinese Character. Not available in the simplified character version.
VFS support. All supported memory cards and sticks.
Font selection.
Fast response to inquiry and support questions because we care!
Trial version has access to all the words in the dictionary.

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