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Webster's American Family Dictionary 3.5

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November 25 2009


Webster's American Family Dictionary 3.5


The Modern American dictionary to cover the Bible and contemporary language

EditByBSEditor: The first Modern American dictionary to cover the Bible and contemporary language

A Pocket PC PDA dictionary program, featuring the Webster's American Family Dictionary. The aim of the Webster's American Family Dictionary is unique and challenging: it is to Capture and record the standard vocabulary of American English in a way that reflects the common ethical, moral, religious, social, and civic values of mainstream Americans. It is, in short, both a lexical and cultural record of standard American English at the Dawn of the 21st century.

A family reference that goes beyond removing offensive language, Webster's American Family Dictionary reflects the language and cultural values of most American families. While remaining inclusive enough for use through the college level, this new dictionary also covers special categories that are not typically treated in other standard dictionaries, such as the Bible, religious Notables, cultural literacy, American History and civics, American folklore, popular proverbs and sayings.

Dictionary Features:
A Dictionary Resource for the Whole Family
116,000 entries and 135,000 definitions included
Expanded definitions and biblical references
Special Categories Included
Hyperlinked Cross-references
Hyperlinks to other entries

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