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Decimal Ease 1.0.1

OS Support:

Windows CE


Publisher Old version


August 3 2008


Decimal Ease 1.0.1


If you are an architect then you will find this program could be of immense use.

Requirements: pocket PC

BrothersoftEditor: If you are an architect, draftsman, engineer, designer or if you work with drawings using specs in Decimal yards , decimal feet or decimal inches then you will find this program could be of immense use. Decimal ease will calculate back and fourth between decimal yards, decimal feet, decimal inches and yards, feet and inches. Decimal Ease can calculate up to 99.999999999 million yards into yards feet and inches down to one sixty-fourth of an inch and from 136,111,109 yards and 63/64ths of an inch to decimal yards, feet or inches.

The maximum yards, feet and inches amount you can calculate to a decimal yard, decimal foot or decimal inch unit is: 99,999,999 yards, 99,999,999 feet, 999,999,999 and 63/64ths of an inch.

You can enter amounts in the feet field above 2 ( 3 feet = 1 yard ) and in the inches field above 11 ( 12 inches = 1 foot ) Decimal Ease will pass the value on to the next unit, for example if you entered "1 yard and 4 feet" Decimal Ease will calculate the amount as 2 yards and 1 foot.

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