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CroPL II 2.0 Alpha 1

OS Support:

Palm OS


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May 8 2008


CroPL II 2.0 Alpha 1


CroPL II is a C++ application framework and utility library.

Edit By BS Editor: CroPL II is a C++ application framework and utility Library for single-source Mac/Windows applications. It allows you to write simple applications without a single line of platform-specific code, and reduces the porting difficulty of larger applications. It is provided as source code, allowing you to see exactly what's going on inside CroPL.

CroPL II offers:

Application, Document, Window, Dialogs, and Command-Handling classes
Support for many control types: radio buttons, checkboxes, list and combo boxes, pulldown menus, Framed windows, trackbars, Progress bars....
Support for "metal" appearance on Mac OS X (10.3 and above)
Cross-platform drawing, either using native SDK/QuickDraw/Quartz or OpenGL
Support for offscreen bitmaps, icons, metafiles, and OpenGL textures
Low-level support for menus, controls, time management, resources, fonts, and sound
File and File system handling, even for cross-platform files
TCP/IP and UDP/IP Networking
Recurring Timers for regular events
Support for multi-threaded applications
Self-arranging dialogs that look "right" on any platform
Simple XML parsing
QuickTime Music support
Game support features such as full-screen windows, and polling for key presses and mouse buttons. The OpenGL support provides 2D overlays, an easy 3D environment, and support for loading textures and MeshWork 3D models.
...And much more!

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