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Rag Picker V1.3

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Palm OS


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March 25 2008


Rag Picker V1.3


Help you keep track of what article is in which issue of which favorite magazine

Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 or higher

Edit By BS Editor: If you are like me, you probably have subscriptions to several magazines that you keep for future reference. Might be a cooking magazine, might be a woodworking magazine, but after several issues you can no longer remember which issue had that great article about just that thing you are trying to solve right Now!

Rag Picker was written to help you keep track of what article is in which issue of which favorite magazine. When you receive a new issue and just know that you will need to refer to it again, just enter the article name and PaGE reference in Rag Picker! Then you can safely file it away.

Who knows? You might even use it to track other things of importance! I use Rag Picker to keep track of recipes I want to try in my Library of cookbooks. I even use Rag Picker to Catalog sewing techniques in my extensive collection of sewing patterns. As a ski instructor, my husband uses it to keep track of new teaching techniques.

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