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tApCalc Scientific 1.41

OS Support:

Windows CE


Publisher Old version


May 22 2008


tApCalc Scientific 1.41


Mathematical calculations at finger tip

BSEditor: tApCalc SciFi is a handy Scientific Calculator for Pocket PC. It provides a simulated paper tape that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference. Paper tape simulation has many advantages. You can start a calculation and continue adding new calculations till you have entered all data, you can edit wrong data in the calculation without re-entering all data again, you can recalculate the calculations recorded and edited on the tape. The tape can also be saved as a txt file for editing with other applications such as Pocket Word. In addition to standard calculator functions and memory functions, tApCac Scientific provides the following additional functions:

Sin, Cosine, Tan of an angle expressed in degree or Radian
Logorithm to base 10 or base e
X raised to the power 2 or to the power Y
Saving calculations to tape or beaming the tape
Editing and re-clculating expressions stored in tape

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