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Easy Tour 1.16

OS Support:

Palm OS


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March 8 2011


Easy Tour 1.16


enjoy travelling or whose work deals with frequent trips.

Requirements: Palm OS 3.5

EasyTour is a high-end program for people who enjoy travelling or whose work deals with frequent trips. EasyTour includes a lot of facilities which you may need both in your trip and everyday life.

User-friendly interface
Beautiful interface graphics
Home screen
World Time Map - Click on the map to find the closest city, or choose a city and see where it is on the map
Clocks - Compare 4 world clocks to your home time, 550+ preinstalled cities and Automatic Daylight Saving Time calculation
Nine alarms with advanced options:
Enachanced digital sound
Modify alarm tones ( Digital Sounds/Midi )
Timing advanced settings
Customize SoundBanks / RingtonesBanks
Install / Uninstall additional tones
The alarms can be set to a specific day, or range of day
Time Calculator - When it is 8:00 am in New York, what is the time in Moskow?
Date Calculator - How many days and workdays is between two dates?
Currency Converter - Currencies Converter - View 4 currencies at once
Unit Converter - Convert Temperatures, Measurements, Weights and more
StopWatch with the capability to Mark control points
Reverse Counting Timer
CheckSplit - Set the tax, tips, number of people, enter the total amount of the bill and you'll see how much is each one to pay
Calendar from 1904 to 2031
Expenses - Track your expenses easily and quickly
Codes&Domains - information about World Countries and large US cities phone codes and World countries WWW-domains.Search included.
Luggage - Easy manage your luggage
Clothes Sizes - Clothes and Footwear Sizes in different countries
Palm Low-Res devices 160x160 (16bpp color) support
Palm / Sony Hi-res devices 320x320 (16bpp color) support
Palm / Sony Hi-res+ devices 320x480 (16 bpp color)support
Palm / Sony Hi-res+ Landscape devices 480x320 (16 bpp color)support
Palm OS 3.5 / 4.x / 5.x devices support
5-way navigator support

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