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Trip Boss 3.01

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Palm OS


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May 5 2008


Trip Boss 3.01


Trip planning can be very frustrating without the right tools.

Brothersoft Editor: Trip Boss can be used to record travel expenses and mileage on your Palm handheld. However, exporting this data to your PC desktop for formating, cutting/pasting data, and printing, is very useful. This tutorial is written for PC users, however, some of the same methods can be used for the Mac and Linux users. This tutorial can also be used to complete the gage data transfer from Gage Tech.

Trip planning can be very frustrating without the right tools. To plan a road trip, you will need:

Trip Boss (Trip Planner Tab)

Road maps that include your intended route and detail distances between cities.

Alternately, instead of maps, you can use a map program that provides distances between cities, or log onto the internet and use a mapping site.

To start, determine your starting and end point. Note places of Interest that you wish to visit along the way.

To plan using distance:
Select your route (roads you wish to take) to your first stopping point.

Using the map (or alternative), determine the mileage.

Use Trip Boss™ Trip Planning calculator to determine how long this will take. You will need to enter your estimated average speed and the mileage from.

If this is acceptable, Lock the Distance, and enter any extra stopping time to the Time. Now you can enter departure or arrival times (especially if you have a constraint, such as park closings or appointments with your customer).

To plan using time:
Select the time you wish to spend on the road before stopping. Be sure to account for time at anything such as sights, meals, or customer visits.

Enter only the time excluding stops into the Trip Boss Trip Planning calculator.

You will need to enter your average estimated speed and Trip Boss will determine how Far you will travel.

Review your map and find a convenient location for stopping, based on the distance information.

Modify the actual distance in Trip Boss, once you have pinpointed a stopping place.

Lock distance and add

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