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Tmoney-Palm 1.1

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Palm OS


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April 25 2008


Tmoney-Palm 1.1


Tmoney-Palm provides financial planning functions.

Edit By BS Editor: Tmoney-Palm provides financial planning functions covering loans, savings, retirement, insurance planning as well as other standard functions used in finance. Tmoney focuses on the planning Aspect of finances with the goal of making financial planning understandable and presentable. Using only a Palm-OS device, Tmoney-Palm gives opportunity for plenty of "what if" scenarios for planning for yourself or a client.

The main functions provided are:
Loan Calculator
Savings Calculator
Withdrawal Calculator


The loan amortization tool can be used to examine each aspect of a loan including how much a loan will cost in monthly payments and total Interest and other aspects. A table of payments and interest is provided for tracking the loan throughout the repayment period. Users may select the value to solve for: Payment, Loan Amount, Term (Years/Months), Payment Frequency, or Interest Rate.


The savings tool is one of the most flexible savings tools available. It can solve for the amount of every savings Deposit, the future value, rate, or term. You may easily determine just how much money you need to save every payday to achieve a savings goal. It also has a unique optional inflation Factor that lets you plan to increase your savings or investments as your income grows through the years. Includes a table to view each deposit and a graph to see the growth in the plan. Some of the capabilities include:

Plan your Savings Deposits
Future Value of regular deposits
Future Value of a single deposit
Present Value of a future amount
Inflation factored savings plans

This is one of the favorite tools in this financial planning set.


A users guide is available in PDF format. The guide provides step-by-step examples on how to utilize each function.

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