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Tipper for Palm OS 1.0

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Palm OS


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May 27 2008


Tipper for Palm OS 1.0


make mental decisions about what percentage to tip

BS Editor: While paying a restaurant bill, we make mental decisions about what percentage to tip based on the quality of service. We then calculate the tip amount, usually add a small fraction to round up the total to the nearest whole number.

For example, suppose the bill amount (including tax) is 27.52.
We decide to tip 15%, which is 4.13.
So the total amount including tip is 27.52 + 4.13 = 31.65.
We round that up to 32 and sign the Receipt.

It's easy to write 32.00 as the total amount, but most restaurants require you to specify the tip amount separately. Calculating the "actual tip" based on the total can be challenging and time consuming.

Tipper saves the effort by calculating the total and displaying the actual tip amount. Additionally, if you specify more than one payer, the total amount is split evenly and each payer's share is displayed (see Screen Shot).

Tipper is simple and fast. It will save you from mathematical worries AND make you look SMART in front of your company. Download a Copy Now and enjoy the few extra moments when at your favorite restaurant!

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