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Task Tracker 1.0

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Palm OS


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April 24 2008


Task Tracker 1.0


Simply tap the screen in the appropriate time slot

Edit By BS Editor: Where does our time go? Why don't things get completed on time or according to plan? Task Tracker for Palm OS was designed to address these very problems. This application will save you time and make you a more efficient worker. Information is power.

Using a tailored one-tap technique, Task Tracker is VERY fast and efficient when it comes to recording what you're doing. Simply tap the screen in the appropriate time slot - that's all there is to it! Using this information, Task Tracker will analyse your data carefully, showing your aggregate totals for hours and percentages across any date range you like! It will also show you both bar and pie graphs so you can quickly visualise where you're going wrong with Your Time management. Take a look at the real Screen Shot pictures to the right - you'll get the idea.


Task Tracker can support ANY 24 hour work cycle, whether it's a standard 9 - 6 day or something more alternative like 5pm - 3 am.
Task Tracker can support an unlimited number of different tasks types for categorizing your work.
Task Tracker is flexible and can support time units of 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes.
Assigning a category / task to a time slot is a simple and intuitive One Click operation.
Three different reporting modes are supported, including 'sheet', bar graph and pie graph.
You can export your time and task data in CSV format. The data can be saved to an SD card, or you can email it to whomever you like.
The developer is keen to expand the solution further, so you if your company has specific requirements, please let me know.

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