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Sapphire FTP Utility 5.0

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May 27 2008


Sapphire FTP Utility 5.0


Connect to remote FTP servers and transfer files with full directory management.

Requirements: For pocket PC,Smartphone,HPC

Brothersoft Editor: Your application may be dealing with all different types of data files. These could be stock lists, orders, images; pretty much anything your application can store. But consider the need to transfer these files from your device to your server. In most cases you will most likely want to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) since it’s been well established since 1985 and still going strong.

The Sapphire FTP Utility gives you the ability to add file transfers and directory management with an FTP server to your application. The utility is fully compatible with eVB, VB.NET, C#, Satellite Forms and Microsoft Windows and allows you to rapidly add FTP functionality to your application.

Product Features
The Sapphire FTP Utility has a host of features that you can use within your application:
-Open a session
-Close a session
-Upload and Download files
-Transfer files in 1K chunks
-Change the remote directory
-Retrieve the current remote directory
-Search for file and directories with attributes
-Remove files and directories
-Rename files and directories
-Make directories
Upload and download directories and contents
Check if a remote file exists

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