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Mileage 1.01

OS Support:

Palm OS


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June 4 2008


Mileage 1.01


Track reports on your desktop with five-way navigator on your Palm.

BS Editor: Application Description:
A small, simple, quick, Mileage tracker with 5 way navigator support and memo export for keeping track of reports on your desktop. Enhanced for PalmOne Treo 600 & 650! A TallEric application...

Keeping up with your mileage has never been this easy. This essential palm application gives you Simplicity and speed in a perfect design for tracking your mileage. This application has several things that set it apart from other simple mileage programs. Give it a try.

Five Way Navigator support for most devices (including the Treo 600 and Treo 650) with the Five Way Navigator built in
Automatic Odometer Intelligence
Automatic mileage calculations
If you get PAID for mileage, MileageByTallEric comes with a handy "Mileage Last Paid On" feature with separate running calculations to help you keep track of how many miles you are still owed for
Extremely customizable "Places visited"
Export Mileage to Memos for computer backup and PrintOut
User-friendly design

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