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LispMe 3.21

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Palm OS


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May 27 2008


LispMe 3.21


LispMe is a Scheme compiler and runtime system running on the Pilot PDA.

Requirements: PalmOS3.5,PalmOS 5.2.1

BS Editor: LispMe is a Scheme compiler and runtime system running on the Pilot PDA. It is mainly intended to have a tool for quickly trying ideas and algorithms, but you can write dialog-based applications, too.

Features included:
-Full-conforming Scheme semantics (Static scoping, first-class closures, Tail recursion, continuations ...)
-Mark/sweep garbage collection
-integrated compiler
-symbols, integers (including bigints), lists, booleans, Chars, strings, vectors
-double precision IEEE-754 floating point for real and complex arithmetic including transcendental functions
-delayed expressions
-quasiquote, macros and EVAL
-online help and statistics
-graphics and full user interface support
-standard Scheme ports to access memos, DOCs, VFS files, sockets, and RS232
-syntax-aware editing via Parentheses Hack
-multiple workspaces/sessions
-full source code available
-native interface for C functions and types

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