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iHeadAche 1.1

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Palm OS


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April 15 2008


iHeadAche 1.1


iHeadAche is an interpreter for the BrainF*ck esoteric language

EditByBrothersoft: iHeadAche can also convert a BrainF*ck source code to an iziBasic source code for being then compiled with iziBasic.

iHeadAche was itself written in iziBasic for Palm.
Its source code is to be found in the ZIP file you downloaded (please read the Installing iHeadAche paragraph).


BrainF*ck was created by Urban Mueller for the Amiga OS 2.0, and he wrote an assembler compiler which was only 240 bytes long!
This tiny language has only 8 instructions (yes, only 8!) but it still is Turing complete, meaning that any computable calculation can be computed using it.

The BrainF*ck operators are:< decrements the pointer
> increments the pointer
+ increments the pointed byte
- decrements the pointed byte
. outputs the pointed byte
, reads a byte from the input and stores it at pointed byte
[ jumps to matching ] if the pointed byte is null
] jumps to matching [ if the pointed byte is not null
Note: bytes (8 bits integers) can be replaced by 16 bits integers as an option in iHeadAche

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