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Display Colors Applet 2.5build1

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Palm OS


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May 21 2008


Display Colors Applet 2.5build1


modify appearance of desktop by changing the colors for various screen elements

Requirements: Palm-size PC device

BrothersoftEditor: Are you SICK of the Default colors your Spiffy new color H/PC or Palm-size PC is using? The 'Display Colors' control panel applet is FINALLY here! Using this applet you can modify the appearance of your desktop by changing the colors for various screen elements! This application was co-developed by Grundle Software and Xoanan Industries

NOTE: Unregistered versions of this applet will only allow you to update the colors in the preview window.

NOTICE TO COLOR PALM-SIZE PC OWNERS: The version of Windows CE that the current color Palm-size PCs run does NOT properly display the changed system colors for the following items:

Start Button Face
System Tray

Also, in order for the color changes to take affect on color Palm-size PC devices, you need to perform a 'soft' reset on the device.

Most Palm-size PC devices have a small reset button you can push with the stylus on the back of the device. If not, refer to the documentation for your specific device for information on performing a 'soft' reset.

NOTICE TO COMPAQ 2015C OWNERS: It has been reported that the Compaq 2015c devices restore the default system colors each time the device is turned off. For this reason, Display Colors Applet will allow you to change the device colors, but the selected colors will be lost when you turn off the device. This is a problem specific to the Compaq device only.

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