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AutoKeeper for Smartphone

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May 14 2008


AutoKeeper for Smartphone


AutoKeeper helps vehicle owner track his vehicle related expenses for smartphone

Requirements: Smartphone with Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003,Windows Mobile 5.0,Windows Mobile 6 or higher

Edit By BS Editor: AutoKeeper helps vehicle owner track his vehicle related expenses such as fuel purchased, repair and maintenance expenses and monitor fuel cost and vehicle condition through fuel economy. It records expenses by trips, calculates fuel economy and has various bar and Pie Charts to help owners monitor and analyze their vehicles' performance and efficiency. The export feature transfers the records to owners' computer so they can view the data in Excel or other programs on PC and never lose the data.

New Features
-Intuitive user interface to enter gas purchase and repair and maintenance records
-Fuel economy shown and analyzed easily by fuel purchase records and reports
-Multiple vehicle accounts with different currencies, fuel units and fuel economy calculating methods
-Flexible trip functions to help vehicle owners record expenses related to certain trip by mileage or time period
-Powerful report with bar, pie or trend charts by various statistics criteria
-Multiple language user interface capability
-Manual and automated backup

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