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Quartus Forth 2.0.1

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Palm OS


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June 19 2008


Quartus Forth 2.0.1


Quartus Forth is the original on-board ISO/ANSI Standard Forth compiler

Requirements: Palm OS 3.x/4.x

BSEditor: Since 1997, Quartus Forth is the original on-board ISO/ANSI Standard Forth compiler for Palm OS handheld computers. Quartus Forth is fast, and builds genuine native executables that need no 'run-time' libraries.

With Quartus Forth, you can:
-Write source code in the Memo Pad (or optionally in Doc-format files), and compile your code instantly into fast, genuine native-code Palm applications (PRCs) right on-board your Palm OS handheld device. Your apps are transferred to the desktop the next time you do a HotSync.
-Distribute (or sell— there are no restrictions) the apps you create with no run-time libraries needed, and no royalty fees.
-With the companion product Quartus RsrcEdit, produce apps with standard Palm GUI objects (menus, controls, lists, scroll bars, etc.)
-Interactively test and debug your apps using the Quartus Forth console.
-Use nearly 900 Palm OS system routines and over 6200 constants by name in your source code.
-See descriptive error text for Palm OS errors.
-Work in the language of your choice – compiler messages are available in a number different languages including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, and Malay.
-Take advantage of Forth's full exception-handling and structured programming constructs to write clean, maintainable apps.
-Work with floating-point (two kinds: built-in, and IEEE double-precision with MathLib), graphics, sound, and more!

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