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Pocket Folio S80 2.11

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Windows CE


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May 31 2009


Pocket Folio S80 2.11


Here is the most powerful portfolio management

Edit By BS Editor: Here is the most powerful portfolio management application ever developed for a PDA or phone. You need to Monitor one single account with a few shares, or dozens of lines of investment, spread across several accounts, in different currencies? Install Pocket Folio on your Nokia, and after a few days you will have forgotten your good old PC based system.

Your information will always be in your pocket, always up to date, everywhere. There is little, if anything, that you can do today on your PC, and that you will not do on your Nokia:

create a list of shares, indices and currencies.
open one or several accounts. Each account can have its own currency.
record all kinds of transactions in these accounts: purchase and sale of shares, dividend and other Income and Expense, transfer of cash or shares, share split... These transactions can be entered manually or imported from another application via files in the QIF format.
where this element is predictable, let Pocket Folio calculate the value of each purchase and sale, nett of taxes and fees, thanks to stored programmable functions.
record the day to day value of indices, share quotes and exchange rates. These values can be entered manually or imported into Pocket Folio, either by import from an ASCII file or by direct download from Internet (disclaimer): in a few seconds of connection, Pocket Folio can download dozens of quotes, and store them in its database, updating the value of all your accounts.
display the day to day status of your holdings in different formats.
display views of transactions between dates, detailed by Transaction and summarized on the period, with indication of dividends and other incomes and expenses, capital gains and losses,...
Calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on your investments, by share or by account.
open charts of historical quotes, compare two or more shares, or one share and one index, zoom in on a particular period

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