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Muxles (Muscle Map) 2.0.1

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Palm OS


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June 16 2008


Muxles (Muscle Map) 2.0.1


Muxles is very easy to use, but a manual is available for viewing, downloading.

Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 or higher

EditByBrothersoft: Whether you ar installing for the first time or upgrading,the instructions are the same.You are upgrading if the version number of the program you are downloading is greater than the
version number of the program Currently installed on your Palm-device. The version number
can be found by opening the program, tapping the "Menu" Silk-screen button, and selecting
"About" from the "Options" menu. You can also find the version number by tapping the "Menu"
silk-screen button from the Palm home screen, tapping the "Version" button, and scrolling
down to "Muxles".

1) Expand the archive. On most computers, you can do this simply by double-
clicking (If double-clicking does not expand the file, you probably
do not have an expander on your computer. If you have a PC, you can get WinZip for free
. For Macintosh users, you can get StuffitExpander for free from
2) Double-click the Muxles.prc file, and click "Ok" when you see a message stating that
Muxles will be installed on your Palm-device when you next HotSync.
3) HotSync your Palm device.

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