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Finanz S60 3rd Edition 1.0

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Windows CE


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June 27 2008


Finanz S60 3rd Edition 1.0


one business and finance assistant for the phones of the S60 3rd Edition

Edit by Brothersoft: Finanz S60 is your all in one business and finance assistant for the phones of the S60 3rd Edition family :
it handles classical business and finance calculations, including loans, annuities, compounded growth, margins, discounted cash flows, net present value... and also Bond calculations. Calculations are handled in clever templates (20 available), which work like solvers in a Spreadsheet and are particularly useful for repeat calculations and "what if" simulations.
it includes a Currency Converter where the exchange rates of up to 48 currencies are stored. You can select the 48 currencies out of a list of more than 100, and display them in the order you want, on several pages. Exchange rates can be updated directly via an internet connection (disclaimer).
it is a functions calculator with 48 functions, which you can program to do just any mathematical calculation you decide, with one or more variables.
it features a days calculator and a "percentages for dummies" module. A dedicated module helps you calculate the tip on a restaurant bill and share between several guests...
it is also a plain vanilla hand calculator, which can be operated in standard algebraic mode or in RPN mode (Reverse Polish Notation).
How many times in a day do you open a calculator for a simple percentage calculation? How many times do you need to re-do the same calculation, changing one figure only? Too much for an ordinary calculator, and too little for a fully fledged spreadsheet... Now you can do it the clever way on your smartphone: open one of the BusFin screens of Finanz, enter 2, 3 or 4 data, and let Finanz calculate the missing number, with the Minimal number of key strokes.

The good news is that if you want to change one data and re-do the calculation, you will also do it with a minimal number of strokes.

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