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Dashboard Full 3

OS Support:

Windows CE


Publisher Old version


May 6 2009


Dashboard Full 3


taken every precaution to properly mimic the Today page

Brothersoft Editor: Dashboard has taken every precaution to properly mimic the Today PaGE when hosting today plugins. However, because Microsoft can (and does) change the interaction of the Today page, some Today plugins may not work properly with Dashboard. Because individual programmers decide how to interact with the Today page, they can code their plugins in such a way that they will never function properly inside Dashboard. Most Today plugins will work fine in Dashboard and many users are using various today plugins within the program without any issues at all. If you find a Today plugin that does not work or exhibits odd behavior, please let us know and also notify the developer of the plugin so that they can test it with Dashboard as well. We readily supply versions of Dashboard to Today plugin developers for testing.

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